The Ultimate Healthy Solution for Passing a Drug Test 2018


Passing a drug test is not easy. Whatever you choose, no shortcut can help you get out of this situation. THC is the popular urine drug test which is most common and cheapest of all. As the technology advanced, alternate solutions like masking agents or fake urine was invented to misguide the tests but all in vain.  

The drug taken does not exist in blood in its purest form rather it breaks down into complex compounds and settle down in various streams of the body. If you seldom take any drug, it will stay in your system for 3-6 days. For heavy dosage, it will stay for up to 10-12 days. For heavy smokers, it will stay there for months.  

Every person has a different metabolism and takes time to cleanse the system accordingly but one can boost his metabolism through healthy diet. There is ketogenic diet that helps to cleanse your system naturally in a healthy way.  

Foods that are part of ketogenic diet: 

  • Fish, particularly salmon 
  • Whole eggs 
  • Avocado 
  • Coconut Oil 
  • Nuts 
  • Green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale 

Stay Hydrated 

The ketogenic diet will work more effectively if accompanied by a good amount of water. It will keep your kidneys healthy and will flush out all the toxins out of it. If you are bored with drinking too much water, you can opt for green tea which is a natural detoxifying agent. If topped up with a lucrative amount of exercise, this trick will work amazingly well. It will burn all your extra fat and boost your metabolism like never before.  

Both of these methods will be accurate if you have got a minimum of three weeks before the test. If you have got lesser time, it is advised that I got my synthetic urine kit from here kits which are absolutely safe.