Tips For Enjoying A Healthy Sex Life As You Age

It is natural that when a person starts to age, he or she starts to lose all of that sex drive that once ruled his or her’s body. There can be various reasons behind this – it can be due to a disease, or any kind of mental illness – it’s hard to point out just one issue. But one shouldn’t be discouraged in any way from having to spend time, especially with his or her partner. If a person has an open mind, then it would be more easy to enjoy sex at any age. Following are some of the tips to get that old sex life underway.

Five Ways Sex Can Improve Your Boring Ageing Health


  • Keep The Mind Open And Free


Sex has neither boundaries nor any age. It can be enjoyed at any age necessary, provided the couple have a strong urge for it. It will improve physical as well as mental health and will increase the lifespan too.

  • Self Belief


If a person can accept who he or she is – then it will go a long way in making the mind more stronger. Using all those years of experience and letting go of any kind of expectations, can really help in enjoying and reinventing the sex life again.

  • Partner Communication


Communication with the partner is very much necessary, as he or she might feel the same. It is recommended to be more playful and invent new ideas of performing sex. Using X4 Labs’ Penis Extender device really helps in being more playful, as this is the penis extender that worked for me.

  • Getting More Intimate And Physical


It’s very much important to be relaxed and not be shy when getting physical with the partner. Use all the experience, take all the time, create orgasms – that’s the way to make your intercourse session more satisfying.

  • Use What Is Comfortable


Sex is all about fun, enjoyment, comfort and satisfaction. Therefore, using the methods and ways that one is more comfortable with, is always recommended. In that way, the partner will also know the various habits and reactions, creating a more playful environment.…

Top Tips for Losing Weight on a Vegan Diet

Losing weight on a tight budget that is constrained by being a vegan can be quite daunting, not only is a vegan diet more expensive, it also doesn’t provide enough protein and essential minerals which can only be substituted into the diet using vitamin pills which cost even extra. This is why we’ve created this basic guide to help you lose weight on a vegan diet today.

The first things first you have to keep carbs to a minimum, extra carbs are not good for your health no matter how many grams of proteins you are getting relative to them. Try to keep carbs below 100 grams a day and exercise heavily, carbs are the type of energy that get stored as fat almost always so having too much of them can be a terrible thing in the long run.

The second tip is to increase protein, the usual composition of a male with 10-30% body fat will require you to have at least:

  • 6g of proteins per pound to sustain existing muscle mass
  • 8g of proteins to slightly increase muscle mass
  • 1g of proteins to heavily increase muscle mass, this should be used in conjunction with heavy exercise and resistance training however.

The third tip is to try to use some supplements, supplements can easily make your journey a lot less difficult and laborious for you and your body, try out forskolin for example – if you need forskolin go here – it can help ease the cramps and the cravings for more food and increase weight loss velocity by 0.25 pounds/week (doesn’t sound like much but it is when average weight loss velocity on a huge deficit is 1.5-2 pounds per week for 10-30 percent body fat). Try out Garcinia Cambogia or whey protein powder if needed as well, they can assist your body well.…