How Stress Affects Your Period & Best Ways To Stay Calm

A missing period can be the cause of many Sleepless Nights and stress. Pregnancies are scary especially when they are unplanned, which is why we panic when the due date is delayed by even a single day. The irony is in most situations periods are delayed because we are stressed out. It’s a vicious circle that we just cannot seem to break through.

How stress causes delay in periods?

The hormone cortisol is responsible for causing stress blocking the levels of progesterone in our bodies. Progesterone is the hormone which is equal to handle stress so not only this can mess up the cycle it can even make periods extremely painful.

A strange fact many of us don’t know is that a late period might not count as a period at all, it’s just your uterus shedding the inner lining and not actually completing the cycle of periods.

What can we do to be stress-free?

·         Sleep well

Stress and anxiety are the major causes of poor quality of sleep. Not getting adequate sleep, or sleeping poorly will call high levels of cortisol hormone in the bloodstream. So instead of running to catch up on sleep, drink a cup of hot chamomile and tuck in early.

·         Try to relax

It might seem like the most obvious advice to offer in this situation, however, there is no better way of decompressing and reducing stress then just taking a break from our busy lives. Go to a spa, romantic dinner, whatever makes you feel good. When you are happy your body is happy. Use the Louis Vuitton discount you have saving for so long. go shopping!

·         Utilize essential oils

Sage and frankincense essential oils have proven benefits in supporting reproductive system, and peppermint oil can give much-needed pain relief when rubbed on the abdomen.…

Yes, You Can Be Overweight and Fit, But Don’t Expect to Be Healthy

Till now, the ‘overweight and fit’ notion continues to set apart the fitness team and the health professionals or the nutritionists. This thinking is likely to happen but this same fat person cannot remain healthy in the future if he opts to stay overweight for his entire life. The excess fat deposited in the body of a stout person expects to call for associated medical disorders or its symptoms in the near future.

A person with extra fat who strictly follows a routine workout is definitely healthy when compared to a lazy one who has never shown the guts to hit the gym. Moreover, such excellent health setters do not end up with any heart ailments. Even if not considering the genetic factors, there exists a major group of people who never exercise and are nevertheless in flawless shape.

Observing the obese trend

This has been a rich debate topic and has been raging for many years now.

  • The 2010 studies revealed that there was a large group of fatty persons who faced the risk of premature death.
  • Again in 2014, the scientists and researchers came up with the note that physical activities had greatly protected the cardiovascular system of obese people when compared to the inactive guys of the same group.

It is better to stick to the healthier period of exercising

This is really a good choice for these obese population, who at least do care about their body. Following a balanced diet along with reasonable exercise can positively change the way of body functioning.

Hence, if you have gained a few or many pounds and feeling unhappy about it, do comfort your body shape and health with

  • Powerful routine workouts.
  • Switch on to a healthy diet plan. offers you the nutritious diet plan.
  • Partying dance sessions.
  • In shape wears that allows sweating in style and performing to the maximum.

Top Health Advantages of a Bread Maker Over Traditional Methods

The traditional methods are over now, and if you still use them, then it is time to stop and have a look at these benefits you get. Let’s start with the top six benefits of using a bread maker over a traditional one.

#1 Bread Maker Is A Cleaner Method

Well, this is very true because you just create a mess when you use traditional methods. Bread makers are a source to get it all cleaner and with minimal efforts.

#2 Better Taste

We all put efforts so we can have delicious bread. Well, using traditional methods you can achieve a tastier bread than in a bread maker. Breadmaker makes it so fluffy and fresh bread.

#3 It Is Less Costly Than Buying

If you have been buying bread for centuries from that supermarket, then you are getting no benefit. You should buy a bread maker that charges you once and serves you the lifetime.


#4 More Nutritious Value

When we use a bread maker, it seems more comfortable, and so we think about adding up more stuff like seeds and nuts in the dough. This way you get more nutrition.

#5 It Gives A Nice Texture

Other than being easy to learn and use you always have a nice texture when you make bread using a bread maker.

#6 No Hovering Over

Breadmaker fewer amount of attention and so you don’t need to hover over it once in every minute, unlike traditional methods. I am sure after reading out these points many of you are eager to buy a quality bread maker and this site has great articles on bread makers

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