The Best Guide: Understanding Low Libido

Ahem ahem** I heard my physician coughing a bit and hesitatingly starting off a conversation with me regarding my husband’s low sex drive. I found it a bit weird because as a doctor he must have been slightly conscious of the fact that we all need to overcome this hesitation to be able to talk about this topic.

I did not slightest show any discomfort in his opening the topic and I am sure that he got the clue:

Male virility or the sex drive is a problematic topic that not many men and quite a few women like to discuss in the open. It is a question about their man’s manliness and they better be hush about it is the general opinion among my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

I mean, give me a break!

Here is a serious problem, medical in nature and we hesitate to give it an open discussion because it is something that needs to be brushed under the carpets?!

Low libido does not generally mean impotence, for heaven’s sake:

It can mean a lot of varied things. There can be physiological, psychological, or even other environmental factors responsible for the low libido in men. Women also have lower sex drive due to hormonal imbalances or right after a bout of depression or some heavily draining activities like a problematic pregnancy or childbirth or a miscarriage, you know the kind of things that can take your mind away from enjoying the finer things in life.

What is your take away?

First thing first is that whenever you want to address a problem, address it with an open mind. There is no point with rigmarole and whataboutery. You need to get to the core of the problem so that you can help yourself find a solution. Log on to Cum Swing With Me today to get answers to everything that is plaguing you about this topic!